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White Phal, 48x72, 2019

Christine Knize

Giant  Orchid  Oil  Paintings  by

Welcome to Christine Knize's website showcasing her magnificent orchid oil paintings. This collection of photorealistic artworks has been evolving since 2014. What sets Christine's work apart is her meticulous dedication to handcrafting these large-scale paintings without the use of airbrushes or any other tools beyond artist's brushes and oil paint. She breathes life into her subjects resulting in portraits that radiate with luminosity and brilliance.

Creating these canvases is a labor of love that demands both time and patience. Each painting can take up to three months to complete, primarily due to the necessary drying times of the oil glazes. However, this commitment to perfection is a worthwhile trade-off, as it culminates in the creation of breathtaking works of art that captivate the senses and leave a lasting impression.

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