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Why Giant Orchid Paintings?

Why do I choose to paint on extra-large canvases? It's a preference that's hard to put into words. Even back in art school, I found myself drawn to the idea of zooming in on a specific detail and then blowing it up to a monumental scale. Unlike some artists who prefer to capture entire scenes, I've always been more interested in focusing on just a part of one.

There's something incredibly inspiring about facing a massive, empty canvas. It's like standing on the threshold of a new artistic journey, and it promises to be a challenge at the very least. I recall my days in school when we used to paint live nude models. I consistently gravitated towards the female models, concentrating solely on their torsos. My approach was to magnify that view, to bring out the intricate details, and it felt like the right way to convey my artistic vision.

I attempted to work on a smaller scale, perhaps trying to conform to conventional norms, but it just didn't feel right. There's a certain statement that can only be made through the grandeur of an extra-large canvas, and I've stopped resisting the urge. It's become a part of my artistic identity – the need for expansive surfaces that allow me to explore the minutiae in a way that resonates with my creative spirit. That's why I consistently opt for, or stretch, extra-large canvases for my work.

5 x 6 Extra Large Painting
Large Scale Orchid Painting
Christine in front of her giant paintings
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