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Video of Christine's Studio

Large Orchid Paintings in Progress

Take a sneak peek into Christine Knize's artist studio located in Jacksonville, Florida. Currently, the studio is a hive of activity with five large orchid paintings in various stages of creation. Using oil paint as her chosen medium offers both distinct advantages and challenges.

The pros of working with oil paints are undeniable. They grant Christine the unparalleled ability to achieve unmatched translucency and brilliance in her artworks. However, this comes with a trade-off. Oil paintings can be a test of patience, as they may take weeks to dry fully, depending on the specific colors used. For example, a color like alizarin crimson might require up to a month to dry sufficiently for glazing.

Yet, Christine's unwavering pursuit of realism demands this level of commitment and patience. The end result justifies the wait, as it's a testament to her dedication to capturing the beauty of orchids with unparalleled depth and authenticity.

Christine Knize's Oil Paint and Brushes
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