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Christine's  Bio

Meet Christine Knize, a true luminary in the world of art and entrepreneurship.  Born and raised in vibrant New York City, Christine's artistic journey is a testament to her heritage and relentless pursuit of creative excellence.

A proud alumna of
Tyler School of Art and the esteemed Rhode Island School of Design, where she achieved her BFA and MFA respectively, Christine carries with her the artistic legacy of two generations of remarkable women artists. This heritage has served as a wellspring of inspiration throughout her illustrious career.

During her college years, Christine embarked on a transformative three-year odyssey through the captivating landscapes of Italy and France, immersing herself in the timeless wonders of the
Renaissance. These formative experiences ignited her lifelong passion for painting in oils and the art of capturing fleeting moments through the lens of a camera.

Post-graduation, Christine's artistic pursuits led her to the heart of Manhattan, where she eagerly delved into various art-related enterprises. Her
Tribeca loft, perched amidst the city's artistic pulse, served as both her residence and a thriving hub for creative exploration.

In 1986, Christine's entrepreneurial spirit beckoned her to the sun-soaked shores of Miami, where she carved out a new chapter in her artistic journey. Here, she established three flourishing businesses, specializing in the realms of
paint decoration, luxury home construction, and real estate. Her dedication to precision and artistic flair quickly caught the eyes of superstars and celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, the Bob Marley family, Alonzo Mourning, Butch Davis, Andre Dawson, David Brinkley, Micky Arison, Jeff Gordon, Luis Miguel, August Coppola, and Trump Doral Golf Resort, to name a few.

Christine's artistic prowess extends beyond canvases and murals. She devoted years to the meticulous restoration of the legendary
Coral Gables Biltmore Hotel, where her skilled hands lovingly revived the hand-painted finishes that adorn the ceilings and walls of the hotel's iconic lobby and ballrooms. Her commitment to preserving history extended to her involvement in the initial Miami Beach Art Deco Hotel renovations, working alongside Leonard Horowitz, who with Barbara Capitman, founded the Miami Design Preservation League.

After three decades of artistic triumphs in Miami, Christine launched a new chapter in Jacksonville, Florida.  Here, she channels her creative energies into crafting large-scale canvases that continue to enchant and enthrall viewers. Her current focus includes a captivating series of orchid portraits, a testament to her unwavering fascination with the world's most elegant flowers.

Innovating within the digital realm, Christine is pioneering the creation of digital
NFTs for her fine art gallery, Onitemi, within the immersive landscapes of the Metaverse, specifically Decentraland.

Join us on this extraordinary journey through Christine's world of art, where each stroke of her brush and capture of her lens invites you to explore the beauty, history, and boundless creativity that defines her remarkable career.

Christine in front of one of her giant paintings
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